Stardrizer is a new FTL technology that allows interstellar and intergalactic travel. Solar plasma and deuterium can be used to fuel the FTL-drive, but solar plasma is more preferable because of its clean and energetic properties.

The BeginningEdit

The Black Hole ProjectEdit

In the year 2005, Project Black Hole was in its infant stages. It was also known as 'The Great Success', but it was a short lived achievement because, like the black hole, it was too unpredictable and unstable to contain such energy.

The Black Hole Station DisasterEdit

At the end of the year, the containment capsule started malfunctioning, causing slight changes in the artificial gravity and gradually releasing the compressed black hole's destructive power, devouring the Black Hole Station and the rest of the personnel. It's wreckage serves as a warning and as a graveyard. 115 lives were lost in that disaster, only 40 were able to escape.

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